LKAB Minerals experts at SURFEX

Minerals for the UK coatings market

May 30, 2016: During SURFEX exhibition LKAB Minerals presented industrial mineral solutions to the British coatings market.

The biannual exhibition was held at the NEC in Birmingham on May 24th and 25th and was a small but very busy exhibition. Visitors were interested in our mineral solutions including MicaFort one use as an example is in anti-corrosion coatings and also the Chalk and Talc products that LKAB Minerals manufacture. MagniF for magnetic paint raised high interest amongst coating formulators.

LKAB Minerals stand visited by UK industry specialists

A highlight of the show for LKAB Minerals was the presentation Mark Smit, Technical Sales Manager Coatings, supplied during the seminar theatre as part of the exhibition. His presentation on MicaFort for anti-corrosion paints was well attended and raised high interest. If you missed Mark’s presentation please connect with us and Mark or our team of coatings experts will present the opportunities of MicaFort for your products.

Mark Smit presenting MicaFort for anti-corrosion coatings during SURFEX exhibition

SURFEX was organized by Vincentz Network supported by the British Coatings Federation. It was held in conjunction with the European Technical Coatings Congress (ETCC).

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Valerie Hoppe

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