July 1 2013, Minelco changed name to LKAB Minerals

The Minelco brand has, since its formation in 1989, become well-known in the world of minerals. Today we feel it is time to build one strong global brand together with our owner LKAB. We remain the same company and the same people - application and mineral processing experts, with a focus on sustainability and customer value creation. From now on you will find us online at www.lkabminerals.com.

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Offshore foundation

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The very nature of where offshore structures are placed means that their foundations needs to withstand harsh water conditions and undersea currents.

These gravity foundations also need to have considerable weight in order to withstand the motions of the sea and the stresses imposed by the structure’s use.

The value of dense concrete for underwater construction work is demonstrated by the Archimedes Principle.  MagnaDenseTM  filled concrete has a proportionally higher submerged weight than standard concrete of the same volume. This means that concrete made with MagnaDenseTM can help to significantly decrease costs from the reduction of concrete volume required for any given design weight of a foundation.  A pre-cast gravity foundation will therefore be easier to handle and cheaper to transport out to its designated position. 

Other benefits of using MagnaDenseTM include the concrete being resistant to abrasion thereby increasing underwater lifetime and as a non-toxic naturally occurring mineral it is friendly to the undersea environment. Furthermore a distinct advantage of using MagnaDenseTM  in offshore gravity foundations is that it is unreactive in sea water.

Offshore foundation products

  1. MagnaDense
    • MagnaDense is a high grade aggregate manufactured from the natural iron oxide Magnetite. Mined and processed at our own group resources in the north of Sweden ensures a long-term, reliable source of consistent quality material.

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Offshore foundation industries

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Application expert

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