Minerals for engineering plastics in China at Chinaplas - LKAB Minerals
Chinaplas 2019 compilation

With a joint promotion at the Chinaplas 2019, we informed the Asian market about our industrial minerals for plastics.

Chinaplas is currently the most important plastics and rubber trade fair in Asia. Therefore it is a perfect platform to get in touch with potential Asian customers informing them about our minerals portfolio.

Wide range of minerals for a variety of solutions in plastic products

MagniF, MicaFort and DekorFlake are products we promote at this event through our trading partner – Jacobson van den Berg (Hong Kong) Ltd. Roger Lo, Sales Manager Polymers and Coatings informs us, “Because we show such a large variety of industrial minerals samples in the booth, there is quite a diversification in inquiries for our products.”

As a result, the audience asked, among others, about:

Pinpointing the right customer is a challenge

Sales Direct for Asia Pacific, Aaron Chen tells us, “In contrast to our other core product, UltraCarb, which we sell mainly to customers needing a flame retardant filler, it is more difficult to identify the particular need for our other minerals.”

Customers use our MagniF, MicaFort and DeforFlake in so many different applications or projects. In other words, this broad spectrum makes it much more challenging to identify these projects. Therefore, we need a platform, like Chinaplas, to promote these industrial minerals in particular. Because of such events, we can let customers know who we are and what we sell to the polymer industry. Once they understand our portfolio, they can start to integrate our minerals in their final products.

The future demands ‘greener’ solutions for plastic components

In addition to the more traditional engineering plastics, we see a rise in the promotion of ‘green’  and high-performance materials. While conventional plastics are used in the automotive industry, the new materials are promoted to the building material industry.

Above all, the market looks for innovative materials which do not contain harmful substances, and certainly are safer and more environmentally friendly. Therefore we know that the future is for green materials to create a sustainable and healthier life. Here we see a good fit for our natural minerals which we manufacture or buy sustainably.

Are you interested in what benefits our industrial minerals can bring to your plastic product? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!