MicaFort; a superior natural functional filler | LKAB Minerals
MicaFort, Muscovite Mica in hands

This spring, LKAB Minerals is launching their new brand MicaFort; a very high quality Mica product range developed for coating, polymer and construction applications which is available worldwide.

MicaFort offers value adding solutions in a range of products within paints and coatingsconstructionautomotive plastics and other polymer applications. “LKAB Minerals have a long history in the production of mica. Furthermore we are very satisfied with the positive customers’ feedback. We are proud to have received this over the years,” Peter Duifhuis, Business Area Manager for Polymers and Coatings, says.

Micas own brand name; MicaFort

“This is something we want to make the market aware of,” he explains, “and we are now differentiating our Mica from the rest with a new brand name.

MicaFort offers all polymer and coatings, customers, more value and functionality. On top of that, it is safer to handle due to our unique low silica content.”

LKAB Minerals’ MicaFort portfolio (Muscovite and Phlogopite) encompasses very high aspect-ratio, high purity, naturally occurring mica products. It is available in a range of particle sizes from ultra-fine to coarse. We produce these various grades using different milling technology, i.e. dry and wet ground, with or without coatings. Therefore ensuring we will always find the right product to suit your needs. Through our own or strategic sources and the European plants, we are processing MicaFort. This makes us a sustainable, worldwide producer of Mica.

Applications for Mica products

LKAB Minerals designed lamellar MicaFort products to be superior functional fillers for a variety of industrial and decorative applications. Peter Duifhuis points out: “Customer testimonials support our claims on breadth, quality, functionality and low silica content of MicaFort. It shows this is something that truly sets our product apart from other generic Micas.”

Leading coatings and plastics manufacturer says ‘it’s magic’. And furthermore, they confirm that MicaFort works ‘significantly better than everything else’. Our customers highlight that LKAB Minerals’ MicaFort is a very high-quality consistent product. In addition, the feedback that our technical competence and knowledge is excellent.

Benefits using MicaFort

For the polymer industry, MicaFort is valuable as it provides thermal and chemical resistance. In addition, it imparts greatly increased stability and lower warpage to the final polymer part. In the construction industry, MicaFort adds strength, crack and fire resistance to wallboards, joint compounds and plasters.

Focussing on coatings, MicaFort products are designed to fulfil demanding requirements for:

  • barrier
  • thermal and chemical stability
  • crack resistance
  • release
  • and sound dampening

For more information about our new brand, its product range and the functionalities, you can contact us via the website.