Join us at the Cheshire Ploughing Match 2019 | LKAB Minerals
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Now in its 95th year, this event describes itself as ‘probably the best agricultural event and working demonstration in the county’.

This annual one-day event is not only fully packed with exciting competitions but also has a significant number of trade participants of which LKAB Minerals will be one. Here our team will promote the Calcifert fertiliser products. Using the granulated Lime and Sulphur Calcifert products helps farmers to enhance the soil quality of their lands and optimise crop and growth.

Because our granulated products can be spread with standard equipment, it allows farmers to do this at their convenience.

Bringing old and new agriculture together

The event started almost a century ago as a competition to settle an argument between Cheshire farmers about who had the best ploughmen and hedgelayers. Now, this event keeps the old crafts alive but also introduces modern technology. Hereto, the more than 130 stands will provide visitors with a great insight into Cheshire farming in 2019.

LKAB Minerals at Cheshire Ploughing Match 2019

To us, this is an important event, and therefore we bring a full team of experts to this day. We look forward to meeting you at our stand in Doddington, Nantwich, where we will share our fertiliser knowledge with you.


  • Date:                   25th September 2019
  • Time:                   09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
  • Stand:                 H4
  • Product:             Calcifert
  • Team:                 Mark Tripney, Michael Stovin, Jennifer McGrade

Earlier this month, on September 11th, you can join us at the UK Dairy Day in Telford, Shropshire.

In case the event dates or locations are not suitable for you, but you would still like to learn more about our Calcifert products, please contact us directly. Alternatively, you can browse this website for more details.