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We are excited to announce a partnership with the Institute of Concrete Technology, bringing members and customers a series of CPD webinars.

The series of webinars will focus on various aspects of concrete and flooring technology, as an opportunity for professional development during the Covid-19 crisis. Alongside LKAB Minerals‘ own webinar series, the ICT have a planned series during May.

Innovative Cement-Based Composites for a Sustainable Future

Cement-based composites have developed a continuously expanding bad reputation mainly due to the CO2 emissions associated with their manufacture, placement, and maintenance. On the other hand, these composites are the industry’s favourite materials and there is a reason for that.

Cementitious composites offer a very attractive array of properties for engineers and architects. Nonetheless, we do have a duty to innovate and yield the cement-based composites of the future. The presentation will provide an overview of the research activities towards this direction at the University of Hertfordshire.

About the ICT

The Institute of Concrete Technology is an internationally recognised membership based institute open to anybody with a diploma in Advanced Concrete Technology. The Institute sets high educational standards and requires its members to abide by a Code of Professional Conduct, thus enhancing the Professional Affiliate body of the UK Engineering Council.