Francis Flower email migration to addresses | LKAB Minerals
Francis Flower becomes LKAB

This week marks the beginning of the Francis Flower email migration from to

Over the next four weeks, we will migrate each of the current Francis Flower sites over to the LKAB network.

This is a milestone in the integration of Francis Flower following its acquisition in December 2018 and follows on from LKAB Minerals’ recent change from domain to

What will you notice?

Your contacts email address will migrate from to When sending mails to the old address, the network sends an auto-response in reply informing of this change.

Update your contact information

To prevent any missed communication, emails coming into the domain will also be forwarded to the new address for a period of time. We however ask for your cooperation in updating your contact information to avoid any future missed communications.

The Francis Flower email migration project is one step in an exciting time for both LKAB and Francis Flower. Importantly it is another step in our integration towards one LKAB.