Fulfilling REACh - different requirements minerals range| LKAB Minerals

The REACh team within Minelco have worked hard to ensure we meet our REACh obligations

Once the European Union announced the REACh legislation (2007) Minelco set up an internal team. This team works on identifying the effects on mineral products we manufacture and supply to our customers.  

Minelco REACh team working process

The team pre-registered a wide range of products as a pre-caution. After that they worked on to determine those that required registration.

The work completed by the team has enabled them to identify that most of our materials are exempted from REACh. This is because they are seen as unmodified naturally occurring minerals and ores, Article 2(7)(b) AnnexV.7. However, where we did find products that require registration Minelco has acted accordingly to ensure these were fully registered.

Now Minelco’s REACh team are working on our Safety Data Sheets (SDS); implementing the changes required under the joint REACh and CLP legislation. Because we have over 50 raw materials and even more processed products this was a lengthy process. We are happy to announce we are finally reaching completion.