Industrial Minerals for automotive applications - LKAB Minerals
Minerals for automotive applications

Using industrial minerals in the automotive industry for car parts or when producing these parts is beneficial in many ways.

As you know, the car manufacturing industry is about large numbers and small margins, but also about safety and reliability. For the latter, they use our minerals.

Why use industrial minerals for car parts?

The main reasons companies in the automotive industry use our industrial minerals in manufacturing car parts are:

  • Wear resistance
  • Sound-damping
  • Thermal dimensional stability
  • Flame retardancy
  • Adhesion properties
  • Mould release properties

Car part production using industrial minerals

Many of the cars currently driving on our roads contain minerals from LKAB Minerals. Moreover, car parts or their manufacturing process that could use our industrial minerals are:


Car brakes are essential; therefore, every ingredient that goes into the production should be nothing less than excellent. The Phlogopite Mica (MicaFort®) used in this car part has a high thermal resistance. Also, it decreases the difference between the static and dynamic coefficient of friction in conjunction with noise reduction.

Our other mineral applied in this car part is MagniF, our fine dried magnetite. This product is very wear-resistant and supports to control the coefficient of friction.

Sound-damping sheets

Between the motor and the cabin, there is a ‘wall’  covered with sound-damping sheets to reduce the noise in the car itself. By adding MagniF to a polymer, it becomes dense and reduces or eliminates the sound transmission between engine and cabin. Another mineral to use for this application is our MicaFort to increase the stiffness.

Spoilers / Trim / Rockers

For these parts of the car, our Phlogopite Mica (MicaFort) gives the thermoplastic components the needed thermal dimensional stability.

Underbody coating spray

Another means of sound-dampening is the use of underbody coating spray, which as you can guess is applied at the bottom of a car. Our Phlogopite Mica (MicaFort) is added to this spray for its noise reducing qualities.


In particular, the glue that makes sure your windows sticks to your car uses the Muscovite Mica (MicaFort ®) natural mineral. When you add the Mica to the adhesive, it provides barrier properties and better adhesion to the substrate.

Tyre-release coating

MicaFort disperses well in the liquid layer used to spray the internal mould surface and provides a beneficial smooth release effect. The lubricity of MicaFort is far superior to other minerals used in this application.

Flame retardant cables (halogen-free)

UltraCarb is the mineral effectively used for HFFR cables. These could become part of cars, you could think of high-risk vehicles such as firetrucks.

Technical textiles

Again, for the production of plastisols that need to be fire-retardant, our UltraCarb is used. This is already applied to public transport vehicles such as metro wagons. Many developments are ongoing for using this type of fabric in cars too.

Which industrial minerals to use for automotive parts?

The LKAB Minerals’ industrial minerals available for use in the automotive manufacturing industry are:

One of the top reasons our customers buy these products from LKAB Minerals is that these products come from owned or traceable sources. Being able to supply products with consistent quality is very important, especially for the automotive industry.

For many of the applications, we work closely together with our customers to help them select the best product for their process. Would you like to know which product suits you best? Do you need a sample for testing? Or do you need more information on a particular application? Contact the responsible sales manager for more details.