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flowing screed installed in hospital project

In January, 1,200 square metres of Gypsol Anhydrite screed was installed at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

The project, carried out by Glenalmond Contracts, saw the conversion of existing wards into a new children’s department at the teaching hospital, located in the Tayside district of Scotland.

Thin screed of choice

Gypsol TS20 was the screed of choice for the project because of the large cost and time savings it provided. We formulated Gypsol TS15 and TS20 to be laid as thinly as 15mm onto either bonded or unbonded membranes. This allows for less overall screed. Additionally, you can lay Gypsol flowing screeds more quickly and with less joints. Therefore, significantly reducing the time it takes to lay the floor.

Large cost savings

Glenalmond chose Gypsol TS20 due to the significant cost savings it provided compared with other thin screeds, almost halving the overall screed costs. The company further improved this saving due to the reduction in site labour required and time it took to place the screed.

Firstly, they placed the floor as little as 20mm thick in places and up to 50mm where required. Secondly, Balfour Beatty carried out this job in just two pours and the screed easily covered the polythene slip membrane beneath.

A smooth screed finish

Because Gypsol screeds are self-compacting and self-levelling, they provide a SR2 finish (Screed Surface Regularity). And also ensuring a level and consistent floor surface throughout the hospital space. Additionally, there are no requirements for secondary smoothing compounds, often associated with hand-compacted sand cement screeds. 

Daniel Gordon, Area Technical & Specification Manager for LKAB Minerals commented ‘this was a nice project to be part of because Glenalmond, the main contractor is delighted with the product, installation and finish Gypsol binder provides.’

Ninewells Hospital

Located on the western edge of Dundee, the Ninewells Hospital is a large teaching hospital. It is internationally renowned for introducing Laparoscopic surgery to the UK. It is also a leading centre in the development and management of cancer, medical genetics and robotic surgery.

The construction of the children’s hospital began in July and will consist of two paediatric theatres and a ten-bed ward area.

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