Recipe for compounding HFFR cable sheathing | LKAB Minerals
Wire Cable - Ultracarb - 3 stage

LKAB Minerals presented the keys for successfully compounding the natural mineral HFFR UltraCarb at IWCS conference.

Stefan Viering is Research and Development Engineer for Polymers at LKAB Minerals. He presented UltraCarb at this year’s IWCS conference in Rhode Island, USA. The IWCS (International Cable Connectivity Symposium) took place on November 9th until 12th. Here Stefan presented his paper during the technical sessions on the last day.

Unique wire & cable show

The IWCS has been the premier technology event in the global wire and cable and connectivity industry for over 63 years. IWCS stands for a very strong focus on technology, therefore Stefan submitted a scientific paper on our well-known product UltraCarb, upfront the conference.

Successful HFFR cable presentation

The presentation “Compounding Mineral and Synthetic Metal Hydroxides into EVA for HFFR Cable Sheathing” was an update. A first presentation was done earlier this year during the AMI Cables conference in Cologne.

Stefan’s presentation was a success. He gained a lot of interest from big key players of the cable industry. Summarising, „the delegates understood in detail what I was talking about. They asked many defined questions at the end of my speech”. The way of presenting the difficult subject as a cook “made the stuff well digestible” a participant commented. Meanwhile, he enjoyed a piece of chocolate which came along with a sample of an HFFR compound made with the newest grade of UltraCarb, LH3.

Industry testing MicaFort

Stefan said that compared to the Cables conference in Cologne, the IWCS is four times bigger. The IWCS covers all areas of cable design and manufacturing with a focus on the American market. While
the German conference is mainly focusing on polymeric cable compounds and processing in a global market.

“The market is very receptive to the new LH3 grade. Furtunately, they are willing to try LH3 for polyolefin applications”, Chris DeArmitt, Sales Manager for Polymers and Coatings in the North American market, says about his reception of the successful conference. He represented LKAB Minerals at our booth. He was also very glad to see a growing awareness of the brand and increasing interest for the fire retardant filler UltraCarb.

Please contact Stefan directly if you would like to receive the scientific paper. Alternatively, you can get more information on the topic of how to compound UltraCarb. By clicking on the product page and selecting your country you can also find your local contact.