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Construction work at the Flixborough site has commenced and is on schedule for the new warehouse to be operational early 2012.

The investment at the Flixborough Industrial Estate will increase the storage and production space for the companies‘ Refractory products. Additionally, it will facilitate the expansion of our technical facilities.

Vital to company’s growth

Bob Boulton, the CEO at Minelco, sees the investment as a vital part to the company’s future growth, saying; ‘The development of our refractory products business has been very satisfying. From a difficult start, we have gained an excellent reputation and the added capacity is necessary to facilitate growth.’

Local contractor, Kim Barker will manage the construction of the site. Furthermore, once it is operational it will generate up to ten jobs in the local area.

Increased refractory capacity

Stan Franey, Commercial Director and responsible for all refractory sales states: ‘The additional capacity will enable us to expedite several live projects that we are currently working on. Allowing us to ensure that we can meet future demands from our current and potential customers.’

The investment is a boost for the local area. Progress of the construction is therefore closely monitored by the local press.