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Join us on June 6th for the UK’s largest grassland event in 2019, in Pembrokeshire. You can learn all about the advantages of Calciferts soil nutrient range for your grassland.

With Calcifert, LKAB Minerals offers a range of easy-to-apply granulated products for the agricultural and horticultural sectors.

A solution for every soil

Calcifert is best known for its flagship granulated lime product, Calcifert Lime. This highly reactive and pure agricultural lime product is made using 100% British lime from the Peak District. Due to its frequent use, it is well-proven to effectively balance soil acidity and regulate pH in grassland and arable soils.

All of our range is designed to be applied via a conventional fertiliser spreader, making it quick and easy to treat either whole fields or specific areas.

RWAS Pembrokeshire Grassland Event

The event takes place at the Langdon Mill farm. Here you will find over 180 acres that provide a fantastic showcasing opportunity. Besides our Calcifert products, you can discover grassland machinery and other associated technologies. With over 80 stands of different companies, you are sure to encounter something of your liking

Important event information

We hope you will be able to join Mark Tripney in Pembrokeshire to learn about and share knowledge on changing soil nutrient using Calcifert. You can register online for this exciting event.

In conclusion, we summarise what we believe is the essential information about this show:

Date:                   6th June 2019

Location:            Cardeeth Farm, Carew Pembrokeshire

Stand:                 N14 in the marquee 

Product:             Calcifert

Agronomist:      Mark Tripney

In case you can’t make it to the event but would like to receive more information you can contact your regional sales manager for additional information on our Calcifert range. Or browse this website for further details.

We look forward to meeting you in Pembrokeshire soon!