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Engineering minerals
Mining, crushing, screening, dry or wet milling, sieving, coating and surface treatments are all technologies we use to adapt the sought after functionality in our customers applications. Above image shows wet processing of Phlogopite Mica.

Minerals are solid inorganic substances found in nature around our world. Each mineral has unique characteristics and is defined by a distinctive chemical composition and crystalline structure.

LKAB Minerals engineer natural minerals to enhance and adapt the sought-after functionalities and properties that make a mineral product customised for use in a specific industrial application.

Working together with our customers we continuously look for advantageous improvements to our products to help customers be more successful. Our research and development resources focus on civil engineering and construction, polymers and coatings, plus refractory materials and foundry castings. We employ application specialists and bring them together with our mineral and processing experts. Our extensive knowledge of applications has been built over many years of conducting collaborative research and development work with our customers, research institutions, and universities.