Empty stand at UK Concrete Show

Last week, colleagues from the UK & Ireland exhibited at the Concrete Show in Birmingham. This event was a milestone in LKAB Minerals history as the first of its kind as an integrated company, since the acquisition of Francis Flower in December.

Diverse product offering to the concrete industry

LKAB Minerals now offer a wide range of materials for the UK building and construction industry including:

  • GGBS, an environmentally friendly alternative to Portland cement, improving durability and significantly reducing the CO2 content of a concrete mix;
  • Gypsol anhydrite screed binder, made predominantly from recycled materials and offering a cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional screeds;
  • Limestone Filler – which is used in a number of concrete types including Self Compacting Concrete 
  • MagnaDense, a natural high density mineral, utilised as an aggregate in heavy concrete;

Integration visible at concrete show

The event, which ran over the course of two days, provided an opportunity for the LKAB team to present as one company for the first time, and enabled customers to learn about the diverse product offering to the concrete industry.

Steve Handscomb, Commercial Director for GGBS and Gypsol commented ‘This was our first event as LKAB Minerals and it didn’t disappoint. The show itself was well attended and provided an opportunity to meet and network with customers old and new. Importantly, this show also provided an opportunity for sales teams to meet, learn and share experiences on the industry and products.’

Future plans for UK concrete industry

LKAB Minerals UK & Ireland are continuing to promote our integrated portfolio to the Concrete industry and will be in attendance at the Institute of Concrete Technology Annual Symposium next week in London.

‘We see great opportunities as a larger supplier to the concrete industry’ says Denise Roberts, Commercial Director for Magnetite & Foundries. ‘Using our existing networks, we can offer a more integrated package to our customers and we look forward to developing enhanced partnerships in the coming months.’

Our industrial minerals for the concrete industry

Gypsol anhydrite screed binder is made mainly from recycled material and offers a cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional labour intensive sand cement screeds.

Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag (GGBS) is made from a by-product of the iron manufacturing process and is utilised as a cement replacement in concrete production. GGBS replaces the Portland Cement content in concrete by up to 70% and can not only improve durability but also significantly reduce the embodied CO2 of the finished concrete.

LKAB Minerals supplies MagnaDense to the Concrete Industry as an aggregate in high density concrete, achieving densities of up to 4.1 t/m3. The uses of dense concrete containing the natural iron ore mineral MagnaDense has grown over the years, from the traditional hospital radiation shielding builds, to tunnelsnuclearrenewable energy and offshore applications.

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