Anders Lundgren CPO - LKAB Minerals

We are pleased to announce that Anders Lundgren has been appointed Managing Director for LKAB Minerals German entity in Essen, effective from July 1st, 2015.

In addition to the role as MD Anders has also been appointed Chief Purchasing Officer (CPO) for the Minerals group. Anders has held several positions within LKAB. Most recently he was Managing Director and responsible for building up LKAB’s subsidiary LKAB Trading in Shanghai. He was the one who manages all purchasing undertaken in Asia.

“I am pleased to welcome Anders to our team,” says LKAB Minerals CEO Leif Boström. He continues ”Anders has proven to be an excellent leader, strategist, and organiser. I am therefore convinced he will develop and build the strong team at our Essen office. He has the right experience and skills to strengthen our purchasing procedures and organisation.”

German office LKAB Minerals GmbH

LKAB Minerals has sales representation, offices, production units and deposits in 13 countries throughout Europe, Asia and the US. The company develops and markets minerals for industrial use. Our business had a turnover of 205 MEURO 2014.

Our German office, LKAB Minerals GmbH services the civil engineering and construction industry with MagnaDense for radiation protection and other high density concrete applications. Another major market is the polymer and coatings industry where our MicaFort, UltraCarb and MagniF products are industry benchmarks. Additionally, we serve the refractory and foundry market with a portfolio of products including MinSand and other alumina-based products. In total LKAB Minerals markets around 30 minerals for various applications.

“Getting this chance to start working at LKAB Minerals gives me another dimension and experience of LKAB. LKAB Minerals is an exciting and innovative company with interesting products and great growth potential in the global market. I very much look forward to being part of developing LKAB Minerals further. Especially to my task to work together with my staff in Essen and the colleagues in the group” says Anders.

Anders, who is 44 years old, lives with his wife Marie and three children in Shanghai. During late summer the family will relocate to Germany.