Calcium Conference Online: Calcium for Soil and Plant Health | LKAB Minerals

The Calcium Conference is back for 2020, this year through a series of webinars during September and October.

Calcium plays an integral role in soil and plant health. The mineral is used to strengthen a plant’s cell wall structure and help protect against diseases, in addition to being critical for soil structure. Yet despite these benefits, it’s often forgotten by farmers and agronomists alike.

The speakers:

Mark Tripney, LKAB Minerals
Mark has a wealth of experience in the agricultural industry and specialises in soil and nutrient management, and is a Technical Consultant and Agronomist for LKAB Minerals. Mark provides advice on the best materials to maintain balanced soil, suitable for the sustainable production of healthy and nutritious crops for livestock and the food chain.

Steve Townsend, Soil First Farming
Steve has spent 43 years in the agricultural industry, beginning his career with RHM, Kenneth Wilson, and Monsanto. For the last 22 years, Steve has been working across the UK, Southern Ireland, and Europe, advising farmers on conservation agriculture systems. Soil First Farming is dedicated to making farmers more profit by improving soil structure and fertility.

Missed the live event?

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