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Value-adding and sustainable use of plastics

10 September 2019
“LKAB Minerals’ sustainable sourcing practices, products developed for value-adding plastic applications and recycling contributes to sustainable plastic industry development” says Rob Lammertink, Director Polymer & Coating minerals at LKAB.
Life Cycle Assessment UltraCarb results

UltraCarb; the sustainable flame retardant solution

13 June 2019
A detailed and independently controlled Life Cycle Assessment of UltraCarb showed how significantly more environmental friendly UltraCarb is through a full life cycle when compared to traditional aluminium hydroxide (ATH) flame retardants.

ATH shortages and price hikes further increase demand for UltraCarb

7 June 2018
With the price for aluminium metal being high, it is more profitable to sell raw Aluminium trihydroxide (ATH) for conversion to aluminium than for chemical uses. This brings higher procurement costs and supply constraints for polymer companies, prompting them to consider replacements.
UltraCarb rock and powder

Natural mineral FR solution for the US polymer industry

28 May 2014
150 delegates listened to a presentation on the natural mineral filler UltraCarb replacing ATH at the AMI Fire Retardants in Plastics conference.
ATH - Aluminium Trihydroxide mineral powder

The A to Z polymer industry

1 July 2013
The conversation culture within the polymer industry makes heavy use of acronyms and abbreviations.
White flame retardant paint

Flame retardancy hot coatings topic

16 April 2013
A clear focus for coatings industry is fire resistance; as highlighted at the European Coatings Show.
Anti corrosion coating wit MicaFort

Great success at the European Coatings Show

14 April 2011
Minelco had a 32.22sqm stand at the 2011 European Coatings show which proved to be an outstanding success.