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Offshore wind park

Refreshing wind blows through the energy industry

11 October 2016
WindEnergy Hamburg 2016 was by far one of the most inspiring energy exhibition we participated in for some time.
MagnaDense nurad radition shielding block

MagnaDense for modular and tailor-made radiation shielding blocks

14 September 2016
Through cooperation with NUVIA we supplied MagnaDense for the renowned ELI laser facilities
Booth sales discussion

Successful ONS with more focus on renewables

8 September 2016
The LKAB Minerals team had a successful ONS show in Stavanger where they presented ballasting solutions for the offshore industry.
MagnaDense for bridge ballasting

MagnaDense concrete for dolphin mooring quay

7 September 2016
LKAB Minerals supplied MagnaDense for the concrete construction of a new mooring quay at the Port of Tyne(UK).
Heavy weight concrete - Pouring high density concrete

Introducing high density concrete in Africa

17 May 2016
As the African construction industry grows we took the opportunity to present the advantages MagnaDense offers the heavy concrete market.
Offshore structures - heavy weight concrete

OTC Houston remains important show

11 May 2016
From 2-5 May, LKAB Minerals was present at the OTC Houston to interact with customers and prospects on the benefits of MagnaDense for offshore projects.
MagnaDense for offshore applications

UK future of precast concrete

10 May 2016
Precast concrete is important to the UK concrete industry. LKAB Minerals contributes with the supply of high density aggregate to this industry.
Concrete section building

Eastern German precast market gathering

14 March 2016
March 8 and 9, visitors and exhibitors to the Baustoffkolloquium 2016 gathered to discuss the concrete precast and sand & gravel market in Eastern Germany.
Leon Hendriks at Betondag 2015

Constructive Dutch Concrete Day

8 December 2015
At the recent BETONDAG in Rotterdam, LKAB Minerals presented MagnaDense, the high density natural aggregate to produce heavy concrete.