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Floating track slab concrete london underground tunnel

Reducing sound and vibration with high density concrete

10 June 2020
In 2017, a high density Floating Track Slab (FTS) was installed as part of the Crossrail C610 project, designed to reduce the impact of noise and vibration caused by trains.
Shaft filled with high density concrete

Infilling shafts with MagnaDense Concrete

10 June 2020
In 2019, work was completed on the infill of four shafts in Essex with high density concrete. The concrete was designed to act as a plug to resist hydrostatic pressure uplift caused by the close proximity of the River Thames.
concrete pouring

MagnaDense concrete from a construction perspective

8 June 2020
Concrete containing the High Density aggregate MagnaDense is widely used in projects where space is limited or there is a requirement for additional weight to overcome civil engineering challenges.
High density concrete project

Heavy concrete vs standard concrete

3 June 2020
Standard concrete continues to be the most utilised concrete, even when dense concrete might be considered a better, more cost-effective and time-reducing alternative. Why is this?
Radiation shielding in hospitals with MagnaDense - comparison

Radiotherapy unit of Oulu University Hospital shielded with high density concrete

3 June 2020
Another Finnish hospital is under construction using MagnaDense concrete to reduce wall thickness but keeping optimum protection against radiation.
ITER Tokamak picture courtesy of ITER Organization

Radiation shielding for ITER

11 May 2020
When the last supply of MagnaDense took place in April 2020, about 6,000m3 of high density MagnaDense concrete is used for building the ITER research facility in Southern France.
Casting MagnaDense Heavy Concrete by pumping method

Chinese Proton Therapy Radiation Shielding Project

20 April 2020
Our Chinese colleagues are very proud to announce the first Chinese radiation shielding project at the Proton Therapy Center of the Shandong Cancer Hospital.
David-Högnelid at IMFORMED Recycling Forum 2020-2

Recycled minerals wanted but not always valued

19 March 2020
At this year's Mineral Recycling Forum, we presented LKAB’s way to sustainability with a focus on initiatives to recycle waste and by-products to create tomorrow’s resources.
SRP 2020 conference Logo

Society for Radiological Protection Annual Conference 2021

16-18 March 2021
UPDATE: Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, this exhibition has been postponed until the 16th -18th March 2021. Further information regarding this event will be posted here when available.