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MagnaDense for bridge ballasting

MagnaDense concrete for dolphin mooring quay

7 September 2016
LKAB Minerals supplied MagnaDense for the concrete construction of a new mooring quay at the Port of Tyne(UK).
Refractory - Man standing in large kiln

The future of recycling

30 March 2016
LKAB Minerals opened IMFORMED's first Mineral Recycling Forum in Rotterdam. Request your copy of our technical paper on the 'Recycling of spent refractories' now.
Recycled refractory brick in hand

LKAB Minerals standardises recycled refractory material portfolio across Europe

1 February 2016
As from 1st February 2016, all LKAB Minerals recycled refractory materials will follow the same specification structure and naming, regardless of their origin or destination.
Detectable polymer with MagniF

Tracing plastics with MagniF

7 December 2015
LKAB Minerals is currently running trials for the application of MagniF as functional filler in plastic processing equipment to minimize food contamination.
Anti corrosion coating - EIS testing

Mica and its anti-corrosive properties

26 August 2015
The natural mineral supplier LKAB Minerals is currently evaluating various mica products.
MagnaDense for bridge ballasting

Offshore ballast successfully recycled

6 July 2015
One thousand and eight hundred metric tonnes of MagnaDense, used as ballast for the Draugen Floating Platform (FLP) since 1993, has been successfully retrieved from deep seawater in 2014.
Oil drilling platform

High density MagnaDense supports cost-control

17 June 2015
The global trend in offshore oil & gas industry is cost cutting, and in some cases postponing projects, as a result of low oil prices.
chalkboard with magnet paint

Corrosion resistance, fire retardancy and magnetism in coatings

5 May 2015
At the European Coatings Show our displayed minerals MicaFort, UltraCarb and MagniF as functional fillers for industrial coatings gained loads of interest.
Pouring concrete for a radiation shielding project

Heavy concrete replaces rock anchoring

4 May 2015
Using heavy concrete with MagnaDense, instead of using rock anchoring, meant a shorter construction time and lower cost.