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Different grades of MinSand foundry sand

Small beads, big impact

4 August 2014
The synthetic, spherical sand ‘MinSand’ is used to improve the standard mould material for cores and moulds and is a cost-effective alternative to zircon sand.
MagnaDense nurad radition shielding block

Modular radiation shielding blocks

7 July 2014
514 high density modular concrete blocks mounted together to form the accelerator research facility FREIA at Uppsala University
Annua reports banner

LKAB receives award for best sustainability report

4 June 2014
LKAB’s annual and sustainability report has been named Sweden’s best among the country’s biggest companies. FAR, the professional institute for authorized public accountants, approved public accountants, and other professionals in the accountancy sector in Sweden, presented LKAB with the award at a seminar in Stockholm Tuesday 3rd of June.
Wave power ballast

Innovation Award for seabed foundation

5 March 2014
McLaughlin & Harvey presented with an innovation award for a concrete seabed anchor solution using MagnaDense; was acknowledged at this years RenewableUK Wave & Tidal event.
Illustration new Lund Hospital

Building of the Year award

8 January 2014
With a light and patient friendly design the Radiation Oncology Unit in Lund used MagnaDense to create thinner walls, and is nominated as a "Construction of the year"
LKAB Minerals logotype

Minelco changes name and becomes LKAB Minerals

1 July 2013
With the ambition to build one strong brand covering the global iron & steel and industrial minerals industries, Minelco is aligning itself under the LKAB brand as LKAB Minerals. LKAB Minerals (Minelco) was formed out of LKAB’s special products business and incorporated in 1989.
LKAB Minerals logotype

Becoming LKAB Minerals

2 April 2013
July 1st 2013 Minelco will become LKAB Minerals.
Fire exit sign with firecarb expandable graphite

Investment in product development

28 March 2013
Supporting customers with product development using our mineral solutions is a priorty for Minelco.
Wave power ballast

Dense ballast reduces wave & tidal costs

8 March 2013
At RenewableUK’s conference, the industry showcased innovative designs for offshore energy devices.