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UltraCarb rock and powder

A comprehensive understanding of UltraCarb

21 May 2012
On our quest to have a complete understanding of the unique minerals huntite and hydromagnesite Minelco’s polymer technologist was sponsored to complete a PhD.
Decorative flooring with DekorFlake

Achieving 100% recyclability

2 March 2012
In the quest for sustainable products, LKAB Minerals are pleased to see the resurgence of a material containing our minerals which can be reused.
Radiation shielding hospital comparison

50 years of radiation shielding

6 September 2011
Some 50 years ago Sweden’s first oncological clinic was built using magnetite in the concrete for walls with radiation shielding properties.
Radiation therapy in hospital

Skåne University Hospital expansion with MagnaDense concrete

6 April 2011
Last week LKAB Minerals signed a contract with NCC, one of the leading construction companies in the Nordic region, for the supply of Minelco MagnaDense products to a new radiation treatment clinic at Skåne University Hospital in Lund, Sweden.
Radiation therapy in hospital

Radiation shielding in Norwegian hospital

31 March 2011
Minelco has concluded a number of agreements for the delivery of Minelco MagnaDense to be used for the production of magnetite concrete walls in radiation oncology departments in hospitals.
MagnaDense in different grades in a row

Saying yes to Nord Stream

5 November 2009
Today, the governments of Sweden and Finland approved that Nord Stream can lay down pipelines for transporting natural gas through their economical zones of the Baltic Sea. This means that Minelco's deliveries of Magnetite products will speed up
MagnaDense high density magnetite product

LKAB and Höganäs AB celebrate 100-year relationship

31 March 2009
The first delivery of iron ore to Höganäs AB took place in 1909. Building on 100 years of relationship, the companies celebrated at a gathering at LKAB’s operations in Kiruna.