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LKAB invests in pilot plants for phosphorus and rare earth metals

20 February , 2019
"We are investing 45 million kronor in pilot plants as part of a pre feasibility study to define a process that enables recycling of mine waste through innovative processing, producing critical raw materials. Lab tests conducted during the year confirmed that we can produce more phosphorus and rare earth metals than estimated," says President and Group CEO, Jan Moström.

Positive feedback German training event

5 February , 2019
During last week's German event, our colleagues Thomas Tepper and Christian Betzing informed the Eastern-German concrete industry on the benefits and opportunities of high density concrete.

Russian plastic market interested in natural mineral fillers

5 February , 2019
During the Interplastica, held in Moscow from 29 January to 1 February, our Russian distributor was supported by LKAB Minerals to promote MicaFort, UltraCarb and MagniF.

Video och Webinar: produktion av MagnaDense® strålskyddsbetong för ESS

1 February , 2019
Peter från SKANSKA samt David och Peter från Sydsten delar med sig av sina erfarenheter från att producera tung betong för ESS.
Thumbnail video on high density concrete for ESS

Video and Webinar: producing MagnaDense® radiation shielding concrete for ESS

1 February , 2019
SKANSKA and Sydsten, the construction and concrete mixing company, working on the ESS project, have some learnings to share regarding production of high density concrete.

First steps towards integration

7 December , 2018
With the completion of the acquisition of Francis Flower by LKAB Minerals on Monday, this week is an important milestone for the businesses. Integration is a hot topic and work has already begun with the meeting of colleagues, sharing of information and a site visit Scunthorpe's GGBS operation.

LKAB Minerals acquires Francis Flower

3 December , 2018
December 3rd 2018, LKAB Minerals completed the acquisition of Francis Flower.

Competitive foundry sand additive alternative

21 November , 2018
Tailor-made for the foundry industry, our new dried Magnetite grades prove to be a competitive alternative to existing sand additives.
Francis Flower emails become LKAB

LKAB Minerals acquires Francis Flower, assume ownership December 3rd

19 November , 2018
The planned acquisition announced on October 10th has now received clearance from the Austrian Competition Authority.

LKAB Minerals Brexit statement

16 November , 2018
Following the UK’s referendum result on membership of the EU in June 2016, LKAB Minerals has been working to consider and mitigate the likely impacts of ‘Brexit’, both on ourselves and on those with whom we do business, given that there are a number of potential outcomes. This statement is provided to offer information to our customers and supply chain partners on our preparations.