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concrete pouring

Vibration dampening with high density concrete foundation

29 January 2021
The compressor in a large factory near Zuidbroek, The Netherlands, is installed on a foundation of heavy concrete. A high density has been chosen to reduce the risk of vibrations and, to prevent internal cracks.
Svante Axelsson

The mine, the food and the environment

17 December 2020
"It's a matter of achieving a sustainable raw-materials or materials supply. Here, ReeMAP is a good example," says the national coordinator for Fossil Free Sweden, Svante Axelsson.

Leadership Appointments at LKAB Minerals

11 December 2020
International mining and minerals group LKAB is pleased to announce the appointment of Darren Wilson as CEO of Industrial Minerals. Rowan Elliott will assume the role of Managing Director of LKAB Minerals Ltd. effective from the 1st January 2021.
Gold medal in sustainability

Gold medal sustainability awarded to LKAB Minerals

10 December 2020
"We are honoured to receive another EcoVadis gold medal for our sustainable business," says Anders Lundgren Chief Operating Officer.
Rustic Floor screed in Scotland Salon

Rustic floor solution for Scottish Salon refurbishment

9 November 2020
In Autumn 2019, Gypsol Rustique floor screed was supplied to Scotscreed in Dundee for a hair salon in Argyll, Scotland.
Talga - raw material

Talga, Mitsui and LKAB confirm intent for joint development of the Vittangi graphite mine and battery anode production

2 November 2020
Talga, Mitsui and LKAB have signed a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI), with the intent to jointly develop the Talga project to realisation, after delivery of a Detailed Feasibility Study in 2021.
Thumbnail - ReeMAP video - EN

ReeMAP video

20 October 2020
The demand for minerals and metals is higher than ever.

Fossil-free mineral fertilizer vital for agriculture

15 October 2020
”Input materials are an important part of the striving towards fossil-free agriculture. Lifecycle analyses of one kilo of wheat show that as much as a third of the carbon-dioxide footprint comes from mineral fertilizer," explains Claes Johansson, Lantmännen's head of sustainable development.
EU flag

Launching a European alliance to secure access to critical raw materials

29 September 2020
Today the European Union is launching the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA), that LKAB is a partner of, with the ambition to secure access to sustainable raw materials, advanced materials, and industrial processing know-how.