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Showing results matter

8 March 2019
Providing examples of end products that are possible with our UltraCarb, MicaFort and MagniF minerals creates new inquiries.

Russian plastic market interested in natural mineral fillers

5 February 2019
During the Interplastica, held in Moscow from 29 January to 1 February, our Russian distributor was supported by LKAB Minerals to promote MicaFort, UltraCarb and MagniF.

Surfex 2018

22 May - 23 May 2018
Join LKAB Minerals for Surfex 2018 in Coventry on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd May 2018.
Anti corrosion coating wit MicaFort

Minerals for the UK coatings market

30 May 2016
During SURFEX exhibition LKAB Minerals presented industrial mineral solutions to the British coatings market.
Anti corrosion coating - EIS testing

Mica and its anti-corrosive properties

26 August 2015
The natural mineral supplier LKAB Minerals is currently evaluating various mica products.
MicaFort, Muscovite Mica in hands

Announcing MicaFort; a superior natural functional filler

2 March 2015
This spring, LKAB Minerals is launching their new brand MicaFort; a very high quality Mica product range developed for coating, polymer and construction applications which is available worldwide.
Wire & Cable with UltraCarb

The Next Generation of Raw Materials for Coatings

2 October 2014
LKAB Minerals were proud to be part of a very well attended and informative conference led by the BCF with support from the PRA looking for a sustainable future for the raw materials for this industry.
Wire Cable - Ultracarb - 3 stage

Halogen-free FR filler for cables presented to US

26 June 2014
On June 17 and 18 over 150 delegates at the AMI Polymers in Cables conference listened to a story about an interesting natural mineral halogen-free fire retardant.
White flame retardant paint

Flame retardancy hot coatings topic

16 April 2013
A clear focus for coatings industry is fire resistance; as highlighted at the European Coatings Show.