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Showing results matter

8 March , 2019
Providing examples of end products that are possible with our UltraCarb, MicaFort and MagniF minerals creates new inquiries.

Russian plastic market interested in natural mineral fillers

5 February , 2019
During the Interplastica, held in Moscow from 29 January to 1 February, our Russian distributor was supported by LKAB Minerals to promote MicaFort, UltraCarb and MagniF.

Surfex 2018

22 May , 2018
Join LKAB Minerals for Surfex 2018 in Coventry on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd May 2018.
Anti corrosion coating wit MicaFort

Minerals for the UK coatings market

30 May , 2016
During SURFEX exhibition LKAB Minerals presented industrial mineral solutions to the British coatings market.
Anti corrosion coating - EIS testing

Mica and its anti-corrosive properties

26 August , 2015
The natural mineral supplier LKAB Minerals is currently evaluating various mica products.
MicaFort, Muscovite Mica in hands

Announcing MicaFort; a superior natural functional filler

2 March , 2015
This spring, LKAB Minerals is launching their new brand MicaFort; a very high quality Mica product range developed for coating, polymer and construction applications which is available worldwide.
Wire & Cable with UltraCarb

The Next Generation of Raw Materials for Coatings

2 October , 2014
LKAB Minerals were proud to be part of a very well attended and informative conference led by the BCF with support from the PRA looking for a sustainable future for the raw materials for this industry.
Wire Cable - Ultracarb - 3 stage

Halogen-free FR filler for cables presented to US

26 June , 2014
On June 17 and 18 over 150 delegates at the AMI Polymers in Cables conference listened to a story about an interesting natural mineral halogen-free fire retardant.
White flame retardant paint

Flame retardancy hot coatings topic

16 April , 2013
A clear focus for coatings industry is fire resistance; as highlighted at the European Coatings Show.
Protective coating - red steel bridge

Spreading the word to the coatings world

26 September , 2011
Karin van der Staaij presented our mineral product portfolio to German coating R&D people.