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Fossil-free mineral fertilizer vital for agriculture

15 October 2020
”Input materials are an important part of the striving towards fossil-free agriculture. Lifecycle analyses of one kilo of wheat show that as much as a third of the carbon-dioxide footprint comes from mineral fertilizer," explains Claes Johansson, Lantmännen's head of sustainable development.
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Launching a European alliance to secure access to critical raw materials

29 September 2020
Today the European Union is launching the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA), that LKAB is a partner of, with the ambition to secure access to sustainable raw materials, advanced materials, and industrial processing know-how.
LKAB tailings pond apatite

LKAB plans a fossil-free industrial park for recycling mine waste and producing critical raw materials

28 September 2020
In the ReeMAP project, of which the aim is to develop technology for recycling mine waste, LKAB also plans to produce input materials, including hydrogen, and to electrify processes and thereby virtually eliminate carbon dioxide emissions in mine-waste recycling.
Apatite plant EN

PRESS RELEASE: LKAB produces Apatite from mine waste in a new pilot plant

29 May 2020
LKAB is developing technology to recycle mine waste to produce phosphorus mineral fertilisers, rare earth elements (REEs), fluorine and gypsum, in a project called ReeMAP. The first step is to use the mine waste to produce an apatite concentrate, something LKAB is now doing in their pilot plant.