chalkboard with magnet paint

At the European Coatings Show our displayed minerals MicaFort, UltraCarb and MagniF as functional fillers for industrial coatings gained loads of interest.

MicaFort: world class, low silica and high aspect ratio micas

Our focus for this important trade exhibition was our recently launched brand MicaFort. This is the high quality reinforcing mineral products we manufacture and supply to the global coatings industry. We demonstrated the benefits of using our world class MicaFort products in a variety of coating applications. One of these is a barrier former for anti-corrosion products. Latest R&D work has highlighted that our new MicaFort grade MM75 provides an excellent performance in anti-corrosion tests compared to other platy fillers.

Fire retardant UltraCarb (HMH) raised great interest

LKAB Minerals’ flame retardant mineral UltraCarb was another focus of our participation at the European Coatings Show. The combination of hydromagnesite and huntite (HMH) is a natural fire retardant filler for coatings. We demonstrated recent internal test results. These showed that, compared to FR coatings filled with TiO2, a coating filled with either UltraCarb 1250 or LH15 has a far greater resistance to flammability when exposed to a flame.

MagniF imparts magnetic properties to paints

Magnet receptive paint was also an eye catcher on the show. We demonstrated wooden boards with MagniF containing paint. Something that made visitors curious about the magnetite product. Our mineral has natural ferri-magnetic properties and act as a magnet receptive filler in a coating.

LKAB Minerals thanks you for your visit to our stand. And we are looking forward to developing business with you and meeting you again in April 2017. Learn more about our products and the functionality they provide, on the product pages. Here you will also find contact information to our experts in your region.