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Counterweights for heavy machinery

“More weight, less volume” is very essential to all the counterweight producers we supply.

Our customers are based worldwide and manufacture counterweights with MagnaDense for all sorts of end-products, and their main challenge is always to put sufficient weight into a relatively small volume.

Heavy machinery counterweights

Some of the most well-known applications for counterweights are the professional excavators, tractors, cranes and construction machines. Our customers produce these heavy blocks for renowned brands such as Caterpillar, Liebherr, Komatsu and Hitachi. Most of our customers use a shell, which they fill with high density concrete containing MagnaDense.

The final concrete density of each counterweight is different. That is because this depends on the type of equipment for which they use it. However, on average, the concrete density varies between 3.5 and 5 t/m3. For mixtures up to 4 t/m3, the dense concrete can be made, using different MagnaDense grades. Alternatively, for concrete with final weights of >4t/m3 steel punchings are added to the mix.

Washing machine counterweights

Another important application for counterweights is the blocks used in household appliances such as washing machines. A heavy piece of concrete is added to the machines around the drum. Our customers are the OEM that makes white good for the most well-known brands. Both for the heavy machinery counterweight, as well as for the household products, the density of the blocks varies depending on the type of machine.

MagnaDense advantages for counterweights

The reasons for choosing our MagnaDense as part of the counterweight’s dense concrete mix is evident to our customers. They tell us they prefer using our dense natural mineral because:

  • With highly automated production lines reliability of product specifications is of essence
  • MagnaDense provides such a high density that the need for expensive steel punchings is as low as possible
  • Our product is always available, year-round

To sum it all up, the three main factors are stability in price, quality and availability.

Long-term relationships

We find that for the large portion of the customers manufacturing the counterweights, we maintain a long-term relationship. When these companies started using our MagnaDense to create the counterweights, they were already in business for quite some time. However, it turns out that reliability and quality are of such high importance, that once they change to include our mineral, they stick with that solution. Therefore, we are proud to be considered a reliable partner in this business. Some of our customers are with us already for over 20 years.

Counterweight facts

Hereafter you will find some examples of the brands that use MagnaDense concrete counterweights and the end-products these counterweights are used in:

Company Industry
LIEBHERR Construction equipment
SDF Tractors
CLAAS Tractors & agricultural equipment
TENWINKEL Test weights
BeTeBe Cleaning robotics for livestock stables
UNIMOG Vehicle manufacturing
CATERPILLAR Construction equipment
KOMATSU Construction equipment
TEREX Construction equipment
DEMAG Cranes & Hoists
SIEMENS Locomotives & household appliances
BSH Household appliances
ELECTROLUX Household appliances

One very particular “counterweight”, not mentioned in this article, are fishing weights. We have a separate story on this application available on our website too.