Dense ballast reduces wave & tidal costs - LKAB Minerals
Wave power ballast

At RenewableUK’s conference, the industry showcased innovative designs for offshore energy devices.

The London based exhibition “Wave & Tidal 2013” attracted 550 participants. Making it a key event for the wave and tidal industry. Showcasing innovative wave & tidal stream devices that the renewable sector is endorsing in order to deliver over 120MW in the UK by 2020. This is done as part of a push to increase the production of renewable energy in the UK. Doing so it capitalises its global lead by harnessing the strongest natural marine energy resource in Europe.

Innovative offshore projects

Energy and Climate Change Minister Gregory Barker addressed delegates in his opening speech at the trade show. He declared that “now is the time for the next bold steps – moving from individual projects to large scale arrays”. Together, building on the extraordinary progress of the sector to date. Meanwhile looking forward to the future, we can build on our current leadership to transform the UK into the global hub for a multi-billion pound green industry.”

Promoting MagnaDense for offshore

At the conference Minelco attended as exhibitors and promoted our experience in similar projects such as pipe-coatingwind farms and off-shore platforms using our heavy weight ballastingaggregate, MagnaDense. MagnaDense is a natural mineral that is inert and has a very high particle density of up to 5.1 t/m3, making it ideal for off-shore applications. This proved to be of great interest amongst delegates that require effective and environmentally friendly ballasting material which necessitates less volume due to its 3.0 t/m3 density and also eliminates the requirement of scouring the seabed.

Cost reduction using MagnaDense

A primary focus is to reduce operation costs of demonstration devices. For this Minelco’s MagnaDense proves to be a perfect solution for companies such as Minesto. This company recently used MagnaDenseTM in their ‘Deep Green’  project, to ballast their pilot marine generators to the seabed.

Leading marine energy innovation

The two day exhibition re-established how the UK continues to be a global leader in marine energy. We hope to contribute to the future of renewables through our innovative and customer oriented approach by supplying mineral solutions.