Eastern German precast market gathering | LKAB Minerals
Concrete section building

March 8 and 9, visitors and exhibitors to the Baustoffkolloquium 2016 gathered to discuss the concrete precast and sand & gravel market in Eastern Germany.

At the Cottbus Technical University exhibitors displayed their products and services they offer to the civil engineering and construction market. LKAB Minerals’ Sales Manager Thomas Tepper participated to present LKAB Minerals’ heavy aggregate MagnaDense.

The event allowed Thomas to meet with the industry finest. “The exhibitors showed a variety of products and services regarding concrete aggregates. It was therefore a good match with our own natural mineral” Thomas commented.

Heavy concrete applications

At this show we displayed information about our high density aggregate MagnaDense. We also showed the opportunities for heavyweight concrete in the precast market.

When mixed into concrete, MagnaDense will increase density from a standard 2.4 t/m3 to a maximum of 4.0 t/m3. Besides use in the precast concrete market, the industry uses heavy concrete for applications such as:

Are you curious about the possibilities for high density concrete in your next project? Please contact us for information and browse through our website more details.

LKAB Minerals is an international organisation with owned resources in Northern Sweden. These resources allow us to supply you MagnaDense high density mineral year-round and world-wide.