Gold medal for sustainability awarded to LKAB Minerals - LKAB Minerals

"We are honoured to receive EcoVadis gold medal as confirmation of high standards and practices for sustainable business, from an economic, environmental, and social perspective," says Anders Lundgren Chief Operating Officer, LKAB Minerals.

The independent analysis company EcoVadis has awarded LKAB Minerals a gold medal for its work in sustainability.

An award with a benchmark

EcoVadis annually assesses companies on their sustainability work based on environmental, work environment, human rights, ethics, and sustainable purchasing. The company has reviewed more than 60,000 companies globally, and only 5% of the companies that they review achieve the gold level. LKAB Minerals reached a total score of 66 in 2019, and the requirement for gold is 62 points.

How we embed sustainability in LKAB Minerals

“The key to success is that we have worked together long-term with sustainability as an integrated part of our business strategy and a top priority for the entire LKAB group and the owner,” Anders explains. “Much of the sustainability work is about our internal operations, how we control, measure, improve, and follow up, but equally important is the cooperation with our partners. We consider our suppliers, our operations and our customers as part of one connected and sustainable value chain,” says Anders.

A never-ending sustainable journey

Sustainability work is not a project that ends, but it is a work of constant development. Next, the focus is on certification of the entire value chain and supplier management through the project CALM (Certified And Labeled Minerals).

“We can say that in 2019 we have done well and can be pleased with the award, but now we aim to be even better,” Anders concludes.