Learn about Calcifert at the Royal Welsh Grassland Event 2022 - LKAB Minerals

Visit us at the Royal Welsh Grassland Event 2022 in Ruthin, Wales to find out more about improving your soil nutrients.

The one-day event will be in Ruthin, Wales on the 12th of May. The event will cover 120 acres and will provide a fantastic showcasing opportunity for purveyors of grassland machinery and associated technologies.

Our dedicated agronomist Mark Tripney will be on hand to discuss your farming and agricultural needs, particularly related to fertilising.

Optimising nutrients in soil with Calcifert

Our range of Calcifert self-applied soil conditioning products optimise the nutrients in your soil and maximise its potential. Our range of Calcifert products includes:

Designed to be applied via a conventional spreader, our Calcifert range of products ensure a quick and easy solution to treating whole fields or specific areas. They are manufactured using finely milled powders agglomerated with a soluble binder to create uniform granules that dissolve upon contact with water. 

Important information Royal Welsh Grassland Event 2022

You will find our LKAB Minerals colleagues at the RWGE for which we summarised the important details hereafter:

Date:                    12th May 2022

Location:             Ruthin, Wales


Product:               Calcifert range

Application:        Fertilisers

We look forward to meeting you in Peterborough!