Watch now - On Demand: High-Density Concrete for Radiation Shielding - LKAB Minerals

The CPD Webinar Series programme aims to provide Civil Engineers, Architects, and Contractors with an opportunity to learn more about a range of topics whilst working from home.

The series will cover many aspects of the industry including High-Density Concrete in Civil Engineering applications in, for example, Bridges, Tunnels and Health as well as the use of recycled Flowing Screeds in Residential and Commercial projects.

Of course, these webinars are free to watch for any interested person!

Since the middle of the 20th century, the industry uses the natural aggregate Magnetite for radiation shielding constructions. The range of applications for high-density concrete containing MagnaDense is broad and includes not only hospital radiation treatment rooms but veterinary clinics, research facilities, laboratories, and nuclear applications. This webinar will cover how MagnaDense provides effective shielding of radiation and will focus on some of the recent projects.