On-Demand Webinar in Dutch on High Density Concrete - LKAB Minerals

On June 4, the Dutch magnetite team held its first webinar on heavy concrete for a Dutch-speaking audience, and fortunately that went almost without a hitch!

Heavy concrete for use in civil engineering projects was the subject of this first Dutch online session. Our LKAB Minerals colleagues Leon Hendriks and Demi van Doormaal were the presenters.

Every beginning is difficult

After thorough preparation, the time had come to deliver the webinar! Not only for our team was the first time exciting, but we also noticed from the audience that there are challenges for them for the first time with a high density concrete project. That is, because using MagnaDense in a concrete mix is not a daily activity for anyone.

LKAB Minerals is ready to advise and assist

Our viewers found the information clear. In particular, showing projects that have already been completed certainly appealed to the imagination. Most people who took part in the webinar had heard of heavy concrete but had never worked with it before. The challenge of making the right concrete mix is, according to many, one of the most difficult. Fortunately, LKAB Minerals has a lot of experience with high density concrete and can help calculate the correct proportions. The discussed example of a concrete mix for a concrete with a density of 3.9 t / m3 gave the listeners a good impression of the possibilities.

Heavy concrete replay

Because not everyone interested in the webinar was able to attend on June 4, we recorded the webinar. This can be viewed via YouTube.

As a result of the enthusiastic responses, we have decided to plan more webinars in order to share our knowledge with everyone. We would like to cover the following topics:

  • Radiation protection with MagnaDense concrete
  • Soil stabilization with heavy concrete
  • Properties & installation of heavy concrete
  • Sustainability according to LKAB
  • Heat storage with magnetite

As soon as the exact dates are known, we will communicate them via our website and social media channels. So keep an eye on them!

We hope to see you (again) next time. If you have any questions or other feedback in the meantime, you can email or call Leon Hendriks: