White flame retardant paint

A clear focus for coatings industry is fire resistance; as highlighted at the European Coatings Show.

The fire resistance of a coating is provided by the addition of flame retardant additives and fillers to the formulation.  Minelco (now operating as LKAB Minerals) offer unique halogen free natural mineral flame retardant products. Both R&D and procurement professionals wanted to find out more about these products.

Minelco’s flame retardant product portfolio

UltraCarb is mined from Minelco´s unique deposits in Turkey. We use
state of the art processing technology to make this into fine consistent products. We manufacture FordaGard, a ground ATH product,at our Dutch processing facility. This product is a high quality ATH with excellent whiteness. We had many interactions on the Minelco stand at the Germany based European Coating Show in March 2013. Specifically on flame retardant coatings. This enabled Minelco to highlight our mineral solutions for this application.

Coatings use Mica products

It was also clear that platy minerals were of interest for various applications including anti-corrosion and marine coatings.  To this means we produce lamellar Mica products. These minerals are of interest to industry professionals looking to achieve better barrier formation or those looking at replacing MIO. The high aspect ratio of Mica translates to platy particles. Even in fine powder form producing a parallel oriented barrier upon coating application to the substrate. Minelco have produced a body of work which highlights the good weathering of coatings containing Minelco Mica. Combined with the excellent salt spray resistance this makes our Mica products an effective solution in these applications.

Two mica products

Within our Mica product portfolio is a range of Muscovite Mica. A range we developed specifically for coating usage and manufactured in the UK.  The Phlogopite Mica comes from our unique high quality deposit in Finland. We process this product to retain platiness even at a very fine particle size. It also has a very high aspect ratio.

Decorative use of flame retardant minerals

Decorative effects were also of interest to show visitors. We surprised wallpapers, plastisols, paint and solid surfacing manufacturers with our DekorFlake range.  Magnetic paint producers showed interest in our natural mineral solution MagniF. This mineral is ferri-magnetic so a useful and environmentally friendly addition to this paint type.

We loved meeting industry professionals at the European Coatings Show. Particularly because it enabled us to highlight the features and benefits of the mineral products in our portfolio which are suitable for coating applications. Meanwhile the interest generated in our mineral solutions exceeded our expectations. It highlighted that the coatings industry is buoyant and as R&D focussed as ever.