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Flowing screed for college renovation

During March, one thousand square metres of Gypsol screed was supplied to a college complex in Cambridge, UK.

Importance of a thin screed

The project involved the renovation of an old hall at Jesus College Cambridge. Produced by Cemex and installed by Flowing Floors, Regent Construction decided on Gypsol TS15 due to its ability to be placed as thinly as 15mm.

‘The ability to install a large area in one pour was important to Regent Construction, as well as the capability to place the screed in diverse thicknesses’ says Iain Bradwell, Technical Specification Manager for LKAB Minerals. ‘The screed was placed as little as 15mm and up to 45mm in some areas without any issues’.

Large placement in fewer pours

As Gypsol is a flowing, self-compacting floor screed, it can be placed in fewer pours with less joints. This increases the installation speed of the floor. This project was placed in just one pour onto an unbonded floor, pumping up to 80 metres into the hall in places.

Cost-effective solution

Additionally, because of the properties of the screed and installation speed, Gypsol is a cost-effective alternative to other bagged screeds on the market.

Jesus College Cambridge

Jesus College is part of the University of Cambridge with more than 500 undergraduates and 400 postgraduates. The renovation will see the creation of a dining hall and kitchen for students as part of a much larger renovation project across the wider college campus.