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Loose ballast or heavy concrete for bridges

MagnaDense mixed into heavy concrete or as loose ballast can be used for bridges in need of extra weight in the suspension, legs, pivot or deck.

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Magnus Johansson

Sales Manager

LKAB Minerals has supplied high density MagnaDense for different bridge projects around Europe. Each of these projects unique in their design and the circumstances for placement but all in need of extra weight.

Heavy concrete for balanced bridges

The cable-stayed Samuel Beckett bridge in Dublin has a special design with heavy concrete in both pivot and bridge deck to maintain the right balance. For boats to pass, the bridge swivels open balancing on a pivot which is not situated in the middle. Therefore, the bridge needs extra weight on the short end of the construction to keep the balance perfect. In this case, the best solution for extra weight in the complete design was MagnaDense heavy concrete, as it gives more weight and requires less volume than ordinary concrete.

MagnaDense grades

A detailed and interesting case study about the use of high density concrete for the construction of the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin over the river Liffey is available upon request via our sales team.

Loose aggregate ballast for bridges

LKAB Minerals supplied the two largest Danish bridge projects ever done with heavy loose ballast material to support the bridge's stability. However, the use of the heavy aggregate for these two projects was different for each bridge. For the Great Belt bridge, the foundations that anchored the bridges needed a lot of weight to remain stable. And during the construction of the Öresund bridge, the caissons that support the bridge deck were filled with LKAB Minerals' heavy natural minerals.
With a density of up to 5.1 t/m3, MagnaDense often provides the right weight and volume when limited space is available.
A detailed case study of both of the above projects is available upon request via our sales experts which can be contacted through the contact box on this page.

Bridge projects worldwide

Being part of the LKAB group with owned mines in Northern Sweden, we can promise you a secure supply of standardized heavy aggregate products.
Wherever the bridge location, MagnaDense for heavy concrete or as loose ballast can always be supplied with direct shipments, by rail or truck from our ports or strategic stock locations. LKAB Minerals has sales locations worldwide and an expert sales manager is only a phone call or an email away to help you select the right mix of heavy aggregates for your next bridge project.

Öresund bridge

MagnaDense as loose ballast or for heavy concrete for bridges.

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