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Fireproof sprayable cement

MicaFort is a widely used additive in the formulation to produce fireproof sprayable cement, for steel protection.

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Melissa Bartz

Inside sales / Sales coordination Americas

For the coating to remain sprayable, high final viscosity is needed to prevent slumping. Both Portland cement and the high aspect ratio of Mica gives high viscosity.

Benefits using MicaFort in sprayable cement

Depending on the final formulation and the percentage of Portland cement used, different grades of MicaFort will be suitable for the sprayable cement.

Reasons for using Mica in fireproof cement are:

  • Thermal resistance (due to its barrier effect)
  • Anti-cracking (by slowing down the drying process it prevents surface cracks forming)
  • Prevent the coating from slumping after application (coarse and platy mica platelets hold the coating matrix together)

Mica with low free silica content

The fact that LKAB Minerals MicaFort PD900 has a very low free silica content is a significant Health and Safety benefit when compared to competitors products. This is very important, especially in products that are manufactured in a dry mixing process (potentially creating dust and airborne particles), because exposure to respirable free silica can lead to serious illness and disease.

Contact your local sales manager to discuss the details of your sprayable cement formulation to understand which MicaFort grades suit best to create a fireproof end-product.

Sprayable concrete

Natural minerals supply a range of properties to sprayble concrete

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