MagnaDense concrete for nuclear radiation shielding

Our customers use high-density MagnaDense concrete as a radiation shielding to protect against the hazard of nuclear radiation leakage.

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Concrete as neutron shielding

In many sectors of the nuclear industry, the widely used neutron shielding is concrete. The main requirements, as set for concrete structures in the nuclear industry are:

  • Radiation protection
  • Structural integrity
  • Durability of radiation shielding

Nuclear power plants use heavyweight concrete for shielding

Our customers use MagnaDense as radiation protection in nuclear buildings for many years now. When used MagnaDense as a concrete aggregate, the heavy concrete can achieve densities of up to 4.0 t/m³. Standard concrete typically has a density of up to 2.4 t/m³.

High-density concrete provides excellent protection from harmful radiation and generated heat. Additionally, the concrete’s structure is superior and has higher durability and in relation to composite lead or steel shields, it is cheaper as well.

Storage and transportation of nuclear waste

When dismantling nuclear power plants waste materials need to be carefully stored either in concrete bunkers and/or by encapsulation. The addition of MagnaDense to the concrete enables slimmer bunkers or containers and therefore require less concrete. This solution decreases the overall construction costs. Therefore, when you use our dense material for transportation containers it assists in making the nuclear waste container smaller. These containers are therefore easier to handle however, they keep the same safe shielding properties as thicker normal concrete.

MagnaDense is a natural mineral which will remain stable under long-term storage conditions which is an essential consideration for nuclear-decommissioning projects.

Economic advantages of nuclear radiation protection with MagnaDense

As a construction material for new nuclear power plants, nuclear testing facilities or nuclear waste confinements, MagnaDense provides the following benefits:

  • Good radiation shielding characteristics
  • Strength of high-density concrete
  • Resistance to damage
  • Thermal properties
  • Cost efficiency
  • Space Saving

Nuclear radiation experience

LKAB Minerals supplied much nuclear radiation shielding that include MagnaDense. Unfortunately, we cannot present these all online. However, we offer an overview of many projects in our radiation shielding project brochure. This brochure is freely available by contacting our sales managers via the contact field at the bottom of this page. We also have a specific Case Study on high density concrete nuclear waste containers.

Through years of experience, LKAB Minerals knows that MagnaDense is a perfect match for radiation shielding projects.

For more general information, including a video on radiation shielding check our general Radiation Shielding page. You will find more specific information on radiation shielding for healthcare facilities as hospitals and oncology clinics on our hospital radiation shielding page.