Ballast for stable offshore foundations

High-density MagnaDense aggregate provides weight for offshore constructions ensuring a stable foundation to withstand the motions of the sea.

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Stable offshore structures with MagnaDense

We supplied offshore foundations all over the world with LKAB Minerals’ heavy MagnaDense to give them the right stability in seawater. MagnaDense has a density of up to 5.1 t/m3. In particular the advantages as shown below in the picture of the Archimedes Principle make MagnaDense a great solution as either loose ballast or mixed into concrete. It will provide more weight and less volume.

Offshore structures that benefit from heavy aggregate

Particularly for secure foundations MagnaDense is a valuable aggregate to provide weight and stability. Offshore platforms need to have considerable weight to withstand the motions of the sea and the stresses imposed on them.

View below video to easily understand the benefits of MagnaDense heavy aggregate for a large variety of offshore applications.

Offshore structures benefitting from high density MagnaDense are:

  • Gravity Based Structures (GBS): MagnaDense enables platform legs and sub-sea bases to be built with more weight and with an enhanced ability to resist sea currents and to withstand icebergs.
  • Gravity-Based Wind Structures: it is preferred to make pre-cast foundations as light as possible so they are easier to handle and cheaper to transport. At their final position on the sea, these will be ballasted with the high density aggregate to increase the weight of the foundation.
  • SPARS: a spar is a floating platform used either for oil and gas storage or as a floating foundation for wind turbines. MagnaDense can be used in two different ways:
    • as a loose ballast pumped into place with a water slurry
    • in concrete as a stabilizer around the base of the SPAR
  • Anchors for wave & tidal energy devices: to keep the wave power machinery in place MagnaDense can be used as an aggregate in concrete or as loose ballast in the anchor, foundation or counterweight for the device.
  • Concrete mattresses: the large ‘bed’ of concrete blocks held together in the shape of a mattress is used to keep pipelines at sea bottoms. The high density concrete blocks can be made with MagnaDense as a heavy aggregate.
Offshore structures - heavy weight concrete

MagnaDense in underwater constructions

MagnaDense is non-toxic and doesn’t react to seawater making it an ideal material for underwater usage. When used as loose ballast inside the construction, it is possible to recycle the MagnaDense as demonstrated with the decommissioning of a floating loading platform.

Summarizing the benefits of MagnaDense for underwater constructions are:

  • Potential cost reduction when ballasting at sea
  • Long underwater lifetime
  • Inert to seawater

Worldwide supply to offshore structures

LKAB Minerals provides MagnaDense to many offshore projects all over the world that need high density concrete or heavy ballast. In addition to owned mines and stocks in the Northern part of Sweden, LKAB Minerals has several stock locations worldwide.

Contact your local sales managers via the contact field at the bottom and ask for the project brochure, datasheets or about the MagnaDense possibilities for your upcoming offshore project.