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Fire and flame retardant minerals for wire and cable

LKAB Minerals manufacture halogen-free fire and flame retardant (FR) minerals for the cable and wire industry. We manufacture our unique UltraCarb product range from our own Turkish source of hydromagnesite and huntite. LKAB Minerals also process high quality aluminium hydroxide (ATH).

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Magnus Johansson

Sales Manager Polymers & Coatings

The combination is the difference

UltraCarb is a unique halogen-free fire retardant as it acts differently to traditional fire retardants, which release water in a single action phase. Upon decomposition, UltraCarb provides classical endothermic fire retardant functionality PLUS it releases carbon dioxide PLUS it provides char stabilization. We call this the three-stage fire retardant mechanism. This multi-process fire retardancy offered by UltraCarb:

  • releases water at approximately 220°C
  • releases carbon dioxide at about 450°C
  • and finally, formats the char stabilisation.
3-stage fire retardant mechanism of UltraCarb


This extended fire retardant activity range is what makes UltraCarb so unique.

UltraCarb is:

  • halogen-free
  • versatile
  • effective
  • cost efficient

The classic fire retardant

ATH is used in many different applications such as:

  • glass reinforced plastic (GRP)
  • rubber carpet backing
  • latex flexible foams
  • thermoplastics
  • thermosets
  • elastomers

ATH is compatible with a wide range of polymer types and provides the final product with fire retardancy and smoke suppression. If the ATH filled polymer is exposed to a fire it will reduce further combustion and flame spread.

At LKAB Minerals we have a deep knowledge of the incorporation of UltraCarb and ATH into the polymer matrix to receive the best results possible. In cooperation with partners from the wire and cable industry, we constantly develop our products to make dispersion within the polymer successful. But it’s not all about the product development, it is also about the correct process set up to receive a well-dispersed polymer.

Please get in touch with your local sales manager by choosing your country in below contact field. We are looking forward to finding the best solution for your wire and cable product.

Wire & Cable with UltraCarb

UltraCarb fire retardant mineral for wire & cable.

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