Innovation Award for seabed foundation incl MagnaDense - LKAB Minerals
Wave power ballast

McLaughlin & Harvey presented with an innovation award for a concrete seabed anchor solution using MagnaDense; was acknowledged at this years RenewableUK Wave & Tidal event.

During the event, LKAB Minerals’ representatives took the opportunity to network with key developers within the wave and tidal industry. And so were our project partners ‘McLaughlin & Harvey’. Special focus was on the civil engineering company that recently got a Certificate of Excellence award. The award won at Northern Irelands Concrete Society Awards was received for the use of MagnaDense concrete in the foundation for Minesto’s Deep Green Ocean Kite.

Benefits of MagnaDense

The award, won under the Innovation category, illustrated the key benefits of using MagnaDense including;

  • Lower dry weight and volume for the required design weight in the water. This allowed the use of marginal local marine infrastructure
  • Concrete volume reduced by 50% providing reduced drag load
  • The reduced volume of concrete also provided environment and sustainability benefits

Offshore ballasting

Our customers who specialise in ballasting for offshore applications, use MagnaDense for this. Mainly because of its unique high density and non-toxic characteristics. Making it a suitable aggregate to incorporate with standard concrete or as loose ballast to secure applications to the seabed. These two characteristics ensure that the wave energy converter maintains its placed position. And additionally, the ballast has a long lifetime due to abrasion resistance.

MagnaDense’s recognition proves to be an integral part of LKAB Mineral’s commitment to the wave and tidal industry. Events such as these allow LKAB Minerals to meet new and old partners to discuss innovative and solution providing opportunities.

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