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MagnaDense for bridge ballasting

LKAB Minerals supplied MagnaDense for the concrete construction of a new mooring quay at the Port of Tyne(UK).

The previous quay failed due to damage. Therefore a new dolphin mooring needed to be constructed for the Northern English Port of Tyne next to Newcastle. This very busy harbour gets a lot of loading vessels and is also a well-used harbour for ferry boats.

Mixing the right heavyweight concrete

To withstand the forces of the ships mooring the concrete must be very solid. The customer chooses MagnaDense concrete for two reasons; firstly because it is economically much more interesting than piling and secondly MagnaDense gives concrete its high density.

“Sherburn Stone successfully produced and supplied two pours of pumped heavyweight concrete. Each pour was 125 m3 and supplied to Southbay Civils in the Port of Tyne. We achieved this by good preparation before supply.” said Peter Bell, General and Technical Manager for Sherburn Stone.

Natural mineral with high density

We make MagnaDense from the natural mineral Magnetite and mine this in our own mines in Sweden. The industry uses MagnaDense in many offshore and civil engineering projects. Especially where they need weight but volume cannot be increased. Our customers use MagnaDense as loose ballast or, as in this case, mixed into concrete. Our natural mineral is CE certified and approved according to EN12620 for use as an aggregate in concrete. MagnaDense concrete has a long history of use as a construction material. Apart from its weight, MagnaDense remains flowable for placement by skip or pump.

Movie and free case study

LKAB Minerals has over half a century of experience in supplying MagnaDense for high density concrete applications. We help our customers to select the right mix of grades for their specific projects.

A more detailed case study of the Dolphin Mooring Quay in Port of Tyne is available upon request. You can reach us via the contact page or directly through the expert box found on the MagnaDense product page.

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