Sun energy takes Magnetite bath and stores heat at CSP - LKAB Minerals
CSP at Ben Guerir - incl TES

Magnetite coming from cold northern Sweden will be used in sunny warm Morocco to store heat from a concentrated solar plant.

Its performance will be proved by this pilot project. Of course, this has been extensively tested in a laboratory environment. And from those tests, it turned out that from the different natural materials they tested, our Magnetite was the mineral product to store heat best.

Heat storage in Magnetite; a proven concept

We know from current applications that Magnetite can store heat very well. Our customers use this for Night Storage Heaters (NSH) for over 25 years. It is extra exciting to see this large scale project which will test the properties in a similar capacity. If successful, it can open up many other possibilities relating to heat and cooling as well.

Heat retention in a Magnetite bath

In between Marrakech and Casablanca, you will find the town of Ben Guerir. Just outside this town, in the so-called ‘Green Energy Park’, a large Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant is set up. Perhaps not too unusual at first sight. However, its link to the 500 kWe ORC-plus prototype makes this a unique plant. The dedicated Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Tank, which is filled with Magnetite, is designed to enable the electricity production to continue when the sun has set. By doing so, it improves the dispatchability (production on demand) and increases the number of hours of production, regardless of sunlight availability.

Pilot-project proving large-scale heat storage in magnetite

“It has been a new and exciting project from the beginning. The customer is very open about the application and explains many details on their website. They even recommend magnetite from Sweden specifically in their scientific paper,” says Albert Senyer, Sales Manager for LKAB Minerals.

We look forward to learning about the results of this pilot project.