Recycled Refractory bricks pile

The Minelco Refractory team celebrate the IRE 50 year anniversary

The ‘Institute of Refractories Engineer’ (IRE), celebrated its 50th Anniversary this Saturday. Minelco’s Refractory team was part of the celebrations.

Refractory meeting

To mark the occasion a jubilee ball took place at Cutlers Hall, Sheffield, UK. Attracting representatives from the leading Refractory organisations from around Europe. The event was a great success for the Institute. It gave an insight into the future growth road map of its UK members, such as Minelco and overseas businesses.

Dedicated to refractory engineers

Over the years the IRE has been specifically dedicated to fostering the science, technology and skills of refractories engineering. They also serve the needs of refractories engineers worldwide. Minelco regularly shows its support by the use of advertisement, event attendance and a membership. And we are sure to continue this for many years to come.

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