Natural mineral FR solution for the US polymer industry | LKAB Minerals
UltraCarb rock and powder

150 delegates listened to a presentation on the natural mineral filler UltraCarb replacing ATH at the AMI Fire Retardants in Plastics conference.

The annual two day conference was held on May 13 and 14 in Denver, USA for the fourth time. The event developed as an important gathering place for the flame retardant industry. The 2014 program included presentations on market trends and developments plus new technologies and applications.

Presenting UltraCarb

On the first day, LKAB Minerals Business Development Manager for Polymers & Coatings, Chris DeArmitt gave his presentation on UltraCarb.

This mineral is a natural halogen-free fire retardant made from a deposit rich in a naturally occurring mineral assemblage. Chris also took the opportunity to present other natural mineral solutions to the audience. He included both our high density product MagniF and VHAR Mica products.

Delegates were keen to learn more on the unique three-stage fire retardant mechanism of UltraCarb. And of course, our new ultrafine LH3 product’s compounding possibilities. We offered this information from our dedicated exhibition stand. “The stand was ideal to network and exchange ideas with other members of the flame retardant industry,” Chris DeArmitt says. “There was also a large amount of interest in MagniF and VHAR Mica considering they are not flame retardant fillers.”

Future Polymer conference

The next conference which LKAB Minerals will participate in is coming up fast; AMI’s  ‘Polymers in Cables. This event will take place in Philadelphia on June 17 and 18 where Chris will again give a presentation. We are looking forward to presenting our unique high-quality mineral solutions. Especially to the US polymer industry.