New homes installed with Gypsol Classic | LKAB Minerals
anhydrite flowing screed installation

Today, work began on the first installation of seventy two apartments with Gypsol Classic screed.

The environmentally friendly screed is being installed at a newly built Barratt site, located at Westburn Gardens, Aberdeen (UK).

Acoustic floor screed

Today’s pour will see the installation of 575 square metres of screed into the ‘corner block apartments’ and stairwell landings. In total, 8 apartments will be installed during the first pour, with a screed depth of 50mm. The screed is to be placed over two layers of the acoustic flooring Ethafoam, providing the apartments with good sound insulation when complete.

In total, the project will see 6,500 square metres of screed installed across the apartment complex.

Minimal impact on trade

The Anhydrite screed, produced by Scotscreed and installed by Glenalmond Contracts, has been installed in the apartments and landings with minimal disruption to the other traders also located on site.

Westburn Gardens Development

The Westburn Gardens development will see the completion of 5-star apartments in the heart of Aberdeen, Scotland. The combination of two and three bedroom homes will provide a tranquil space with well-connected routes into the city and outdoor open spaces.

About Gypsol screed

The Gypsol range of Anhydrite binders provide a free-flowing and self-compacting floor screed. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sand cement based screeds and are suitable for any project, from renovations and house builds to commercial units and apartment schemes.