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Constructive Dutch Concrete Day

Leon Hendrik at Betondag 2015
At the Dutch Concrete Day LKAB Minerals explained the visitors about MagnaDense benefits in Civil Engineering projects.

At the recent BETONDAG in Rotterdam, LKAB Minerals presented MagnaDense, the high density natural aggregate to produce heavy concrete.

Potential for Dutch concrete projects

Using MagnaDense from LKAB Minerals, a high density aggregate, you can make heavy concrete. At the event location “De Doelen” in Rotterdam we met many engineers, contractor and concrete mixing companies. Some already had experience with our MagnaDense products but we also spoke to some engineers not aware of the potential that high density concrete could bring to different Dutch projects such as:

Experience and references for heavy concrete

We can refer to many finished projects in which MagnaDense was utilised for high density concrete production, both in The Netherlands and the rest of the world. Because of our experience, we understand the questions and sometimes difficulties that come with the selection of the right material for your specific projects. LKAB Minerals can provide you with the technical support to help you to make the best selection for your project where MagnaDense is the optimal ingredient.

Below you can find links to projects that have been constructed with the use of high density MagnaDense concrete:

We cannot mention all of the projects for which MagnaDense has been used on our website, but we can talk to you about them. Don’t hesitate to email or call us and discuss projects that have been done in your country or ask questions about your specific application.

You will find general information on MagnaDense on our website. And this page also contains contact information from your local sales manager so you can get in touch with LKAB Minerals easily.

See you next time at Betondag 2016.  Graag tot ziens op de volgende Betondag in Rotterdam.