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Customers highly satisfied with Minelco

From the 2012 customer satisfaction survey Minelco’s customers have rated our performance as an “excellent supplier”.

Feedback from customers is welcomed by Minelco; our aim is to satisfy customer requirements to the highest level possible.  Procurement, production, quality control, sales, marketing communications, technical, sales order processing and accounts (to name a few Minelco departments) are continuously striving to be the best in their field.  Customer’s being highly satisfied is welcome feedback for Minelco managers and our employees.

Clear areas where Minelco excel are logistics, high quality products and being readily available to customers.  Phrases like Minelco are “reliable and quality oriented”, “competent, helpful and experienced”, “a trustworthy company” and “consistent, friendly and co-operative” are all wonderful feedback to receive.

For areas where Minelco have received lower scores from a few customers we will be looking to investigate further and implement the necessary changes like product packaging improvements.  Every response is valued and has been analysed in great depth to give us an understanding of today’s performance and how to improve tomorrows.