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Evolving innovative concrete use

High density concrete pouring
As a long-standing partner to the industry and supporter of the Concrete Society, LKAB Minerals participated with at Evolving Concrete to spread the word on heavy concrete with MagnaDense.

The UK Concrete Society brought together the concrete industry in the first “Evolving Concrete” event, where LKAB Minerals presented magnetite aggregates for producing high density concrete.

Great Britain’s concrete industry met at the new exhibition in London. The organizers of the Evolving Concrete event aimed to attract consultants, designers, specifiers, architects, architectural technologists and contractors, a perfect match for LKAB Minerals.

As a long standing partner to the industry and supporter of the Concrete Society LKAB Minerals participated with a stand at Evolving Concrete to spread the word on heavy concrete with MagnaDense even more.  

Is first Evolving Concrete also last one?

LKAB Minerals heavy aggregate experts John Bowden and Denise Roberts attended the show held at the centrally located Business Design Centre in London. The concrete consultants, designers, specifiers, architects and contractors attended the seminars and as Denise Roberts, Business Development Manager Magnetite said “I believe there were a large number of senior technical people attending from the ready-mix industry to man their own stands and it was particularly good for catching up with customers who we have not seen for some time.”

John Bowden added, “as this was the very first show it is always difficult to predict how successful it will be and most of the time the success of an exhibition is measured long after the show has ended and new customers have been visited.”

Unfortunately the overall feeling of this show was not as positive as expected, with fewer visitors than expected it remains uncertain if there will be another Evolving Concrete in 2016.

High density concrete use in the UK

It is definitively not for the lack of use of (high density) concrete in the UK that a show like Evolving Concrete should not attract the right number of interested people. LKAB Minerals have been selling MagnaDense, a natural iron oxide mined in Sweden with high particle density in the range of 4.7 - 5.1 t/m³, for many years and will continue to do so as the applications remain and grow.

Well-known applications for heavy concrete in the UK are:

And new opportunities still arise in Great Britain such as:

LKAB Minerals is confident, that new projects remain and keep driving the UK economy.